Star Wars Armada Winter 2019 League

Ref: Star Wars Armada Organised Play in The South Wales Gaming Centre

Star Wars Armada Winter 2019 League
Event DateWednesday 1st Jan 2020
Event Time10:00 AM
Event Duration3 Months
Players per Ticket1


15 of 16 tickets left

Armada League

Ticket covers three months of league play, each month will have a different set of cards from the FFG OP league pack, plus additional spot prizes at the TO’s discretion.

You can count up to four games per month, each game will earn you an extra card. You are free to arrange these games with anyone else in the league at a mutually convenient time. Joining the Facebook group to arrange your games, post results and find the latest additional objectives is recommended (

This ticket does not cover entry to The Battlefields; you will need to be a member or pay to play.


You earn league points by playing another member of the league points are scored as follows

  1. You earn the tournament style points on the 11 point system per the result of your game.
  2. You earn 3 bonus points for first game, 2 for second and 1 for third for each month.
  3. You earn 2 points for playing someone you have not played previously this season.

You can’t play the same person more than twice in the same month.

Otherwise you are free to arrange a game against anyone else in the league at a mutually agreed time and date in The Battlefields, you are not restricted to playing 400pt games but you must agree that the game is a league game beforehand.

Results will be tracked on a dedicated Facebook page, if you don’t use Facebook they will be pinned up at The Battlefields on regular bases and can be requested from the league organiser.


Tickets for this event are non-refundable.

Pete Fisher

Local player that volunteers their time and effort to run Star Wars: Imperial Assault Organised Play in Firestorm Games.