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Board Game Library

Our extensive Board Game library is available for use from behind the bar.

Fee is £1 per player with a £5 deposit per game with all proceeds going towards purchasing more games for the library.

The Venue

The South Wales Gaming Centre contains The Battlefields and The Arena all on one level within the venue.

The Battlefields: can provide up to 50 6'x4' tables. We can provide tables and terrain for space, fantasy, historical or sci-fi games supporting Star Wars: X-Wing, Warhammer: Age of Sigmar and Warhammer: 40,000, Infinity, Malifaux and many more games.

All of our tables have space between them available for drinks, books or bags. We invest heavily in maintaining the quality of our gaming tables and the terrain available for players to use. 

The Arena: is our casual play area with 6' card tables and is reserved for Board Games, Card Games and Role-Playing Games.

Casual Play: Tables must be booked in The Battlefields or The Arena for casual play. They are only available on a first come first served basis. The list of events for the week ahead and the space we have available for casual play is published each Monday on Facebook and Twitter (you can follow either using the relevant links at the bottom of this page). This information is also available as a News item here.

If you require a table in The Battlefields that is not 6'x4 or 4'x4' please contact The South Wales Gaming Centre here at least three days before you arrive so that any necessary arrangements can be made in advance. If you don't request a non standard table in advance we may not be able to arrange it at short notice.

The Facilities

  • Full disabled access
  • Free parking 
  • Toilet facilities
  • Licensed bar
  • On-site Catering
  • PA System for announcements
  • The ability to live stream, with commentary, any games we host
  • Dedicated TO Laptop running appropriate Event Software with Internet Access
  • Screens to display event information, pairings and/or timers
  • Hot drinks and snacks via vending machines
  • Chill out area with sofa’s and tables for relaxing

Our kitchen facilities are run by a professional chef and provide a fully functioning kitchen serving hot food and breakfast rolls with an extensive and varied menu. Our bar serves both alcoholic and soft drinks and offers draft beer, lager and cider from a local craft brewery, Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. We ask that you don’t bring your own food or drink into The South Wales Gaming Centre. 

The venue is close to two train stations and is easily accessible from the M4 motorway. We are less than an hour from both Bristol and Cardiff airport, both of which have good bus or car links to Cardiff and Bristol airport in particular providing excellent links to Europe and beyond as a hub for EasyJet.

We are located within walking distance of the centre of Cardiff with its excellent retail and entertainment facilities and with several hotels, from budget to more expensive, nearby.

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The Battlefields

One Day Membership £4 per person.

Quarterly Membership  £27.50 per person.

Annual Membership  £100 per person.

The Arena

Entry to The Arena for casual card, board or role playing games is free.

Entry for Tournaments, Organised Play or Events is as per the stated ticket price.


Customers can rent a locker in The South Wales Gaming Centre.

Annual Locker Fee £30 per locker

Quarterly Locker Fee £12.50

Daily Locker Fee £8

(Fee includes £5 deposit, paid on return of the locker key. A locker will be cleared two weeks after the rental expiry date and the items will be disposed of after that date. The South Wales Gaming Centre are not liable for the contents of any locker that is cleared after the rental expiry date).

 Happy Gaming!