System Champion


What is a System Champion?

A System Champion is a member of the public that Firestorm Games have co-opted and delegated to perform various organisational and administrative tasks for a specific wargame, Trading Card Game (TCG) or Roleplaying Game (RPG) system to ensure that any organised, casual or tournament play initiated by Firestorm Games for the designated game system is run at The South Wales Gaming Centre with the following goals:

  • All events are run in a professional and efficient way.
  • An inclusive and supportive community is created and continues to thrive.
  • The community is happy with the quality, frequency, type and format of any events.
  • Any technical or administrative data that may be required or submitted is recorded accurately, correctly and within all required timescales.

What is Required of a System Champion?

A system champion should perform the following for their designated game system:

  • Understand and be able to use any bespoke software to schedule, organise and run an event. This includes the ability to login, create pairings, conclude tournaments and ensure relevant administrative data is submitted and recorded as required.
  • Organise and run occasional bespoke one-off tournaments, campaigns or events that are different from the standard, regular organised or casual play formats.
  • Act as liaison between the players and Firestorm Games, raising any potential issues with Firestorm Games.
  • Fulfil the role of moderator and/or group expert, or their equivalent, in all officially sanctioned communication groups to ensure the official Firestorm Games rules are always followed. Note the primary communication channel will usually be the official Firestorm Games Facebook group but may include others as required i.e., the official Firestorm Games Discord channel.
  • Engage and post in any official communication channel on a frequent basis. Communication will include, but is not limited to, the following:
    • Answer questions in a timely manner.
    • Post links to tickets for upcoming events and reminders about future events.
    • General posts about aspects of their game system.
    • Ensure that people are not directed away from the Firestorm Games official communication channel or channels into independent groups, clubs, leagues etc. System Champions should nurture the Firestorm Games community as a priority to ensure an open and inclusive environment flourishes.
  • System Champions can be members of independent clubs, leagues etc., but we require that the role is not used to recruit players away from official Firestorm Games activities.
  • Be friendly, welcoming and inclusive to the entire community for their game. Encourage and support new members to the group and actively look to increase the size of the community.
  • Act as an ambassador for Firestorm Games and their game system, call out or raise with the Firestorm Games event team toxic behaviour, attitudes and habits at events, in their community and on-line.
  • Take pictures on a frequent basis at their events i.e. rare card pulled, winners of events, well painted miniatures in a game etc. and share these with the event team using so that they can be used as required by the Firestorm Games social media team.

What Rewards are there for a System Champion?

A system champion will receive the following benefits from Firestorm Games:

  • Free entry to weekly events for their game system. Certain events involving significant amount of product and/or prizes may not be free but will be at 35-50% discount i.e., some pre-release or special events for certain TCG games.
  • 25% discount in-store on product and peripheral material related to their game system.
  • Relevant promotional, or any other relevant material, provided for their game system by its publisher.
  • Free entry, and a free locker, to The Battlefields for game systems that use The Battlefields.


If you are interested in performing the role of System Champion for a game system that currently doesn’t have one contact the event team using