General conduct in The South Wales Gaming Centre

The South Wales Gaming Centre wants all participants to enjoy the experience of playing in the best gaming venue possible, to help achieve this there are a few simple rules we ask you to please respect:

  • No painting, cutting or gluing at any table in The South Wales Gaming Centre unless in the designated modelling zone. Using an airbrush or spray paint within The South Wales Gaming Centre is prohibited.
  • Smoking, using electronic cigarettes and vaping is prohibited anywhere within The South Wales Gaming Centre and must not be performed directly outside the front door.
  • The South Wales Gaming Centre is fully liscensed and customers are prohibited from bringing and consuming their own alcohol in the venue. 
  • No food, no drink and no bags or coats on any tabletop gaming table. Use the designated tables and specific space allocated between tables for any storage.
  • Only snacks and drinks to be consumed in The Battlefields. All hot food, sandwiches and any other food to be consumed in the designated areas.
  • All users of The Battlefields must be signed in as members of The Battlefields or be registered with the relevant Tournament Organiser.
  • Do not move or modify any table within The South Wales Gaming Table without asking a member of staff first.
  • Keep all terrain items either on a tabletop gaming table or the relevant terrain shelf at all times.
  • Do not play games on tables designated as being unavailable for use.

If in doubt Wheaton's Law applies! Gamers must treat the staff, their opponents and any Judges with consideration and respect. Playing in The South Wales Gaming Centre should be seen as an opportunity to play, compete and socialise with like-minded individuals who share an interest and passion for gaming.

Streaming on Twitch, Facebook and YouTube

Users of The South Wales Gaming Centre should be aware that any game being played in The Battlefields or The Arena may be subject to being videoed and/or streamed live and may be made available to the public via Twitch, Facebook, YouTube or any other relevant platform.

This content may be streamed live on the internet and/or on screens within the venue may be subject to a commentary and may include audio recording. Any subsequent video content may be freely edited by us and made available on our website at any future date in perpetuity.

Any person who does not wish to be videoed and/or streamed must inform both the person running their event and a member of staff as soon as possible before the start of the event and we will make every reasonable effort to ensure that their image is not broadcast.

Players taking part in any game being videoed are asked to follow some simple rules to ensure the integrity and suitability of any content being broadcast:

  • Players should endeavour to cover any offensive slogan or image on any tatoo or clothing item. If in doubt ask the Tournament Organiser for their opinion of a slogan or image.
  • Players using dice or tokens in their game should ensure that they are able to be seen clearly at all times.
  • Players should treat their opponent(s) with respect and refrain from swearing at all times.

Players are reminded that if they are accused of cheating during any game and this is retrospectively brought to the attention of any Judge or Tournament Organiser then their position in the event, and any prizes that they may have been awarded, could be forfeit. Players are also reminded that any comments made about alleged cheating on any forum or comments section of any relevant platform are not the responsibility of The South Wales Gaming Centre.