The Arena Thursday RPG/Board Game Ticket

Ref: RPG/Board Games in The South Wales Gaming Centre

The Arena Thursday RPG/Board Game Ticket
Event DateThursday 25th Jul 2024
Event Start11:00 AM
Event Duration1 Day
Players per Ticket1

Online: £6.00
In-Store: £7.00

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Number of Players:

Come and play RPG Games or board games in a fun friendly environment.

Please ensure you enter the correct type of table when booking:

Board Game table: For all board games this also gives you access to the SWGC Board Game Library

 RPG Table:  For any RPG games

Digital RPG Table: Bespoke RPG Table with built in screen - one available subject to availability, first come first served.

This table has a built in screen with a protective acrylic sheet over the top to use as an interactive battle map.

The screen can be connected to a Laptop via a HDMI cable .

GM's will need to provide their own laptop.

You can find our blog article with more details on the construction and specs of this table here.

Tickets must be purchased before entering the venue.


The Venue Closes at 10pm.



The South Wales Gaming Centre will be open at 9am.

Tickets for this event are non-refundable.

Our on site Cafe facility will be open for the sale of a variety of hot food.

A vending machine selling soft drinks and snacks, a licensed bar and a vending machine dispensing fresh tea and coffee is available in The South Wales Gaming Centre.

No external food or drink is allowed in The South Wales Gaming Centre.

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