Infinity: Firestorm Autumn Skirmish 2018 After Action Report

Hello everyone! This is an after-action report for the Firestorm Autumn Skirmish 2018, our next tournament report entry for The South Wales Gaming Centre blog.

The Firestorm Autumn Skirmish took place on 3rd November and was our first of the year to utilize the Limited Insertion format which restricts armies to a maximum of a single combat group of troops. On the morning, we had 21 players from a registered 24 entries with sadly 3 unable to make it on the day.

Faction Breakdown.

A great, even showing of armies here for this event with an edge towards the big factions of PanOceania and Yu Jing. A smaller amount of Ariadna was a bit unsurprising given the format and a few of our Ariadna players could not attend or chose different armies.

Ranking Report.

The tournament was a 3 round, Limited Insertion event with the scenarios chosen being Frostbyte, Unmasking, and Decapitation, no additional modifiers were used for the day. The tournament resulted with Vohlere’s Operations Subsection taking the victory, second place to REND’s Japanese Secessionist Army and third place being Daii’s Tohaa.

Top 3 Winners Army Lists.

1st Place – Vohlere (Operations Subsection of the S.S.S.).

Vohlere’s first army list features a nice balanced list, using an aggressive Asura Lieutenant L2, Andromeda as a Superior Infiltrating Specialist Operative and a Shukra Chain of Command as a backup in the event of the Asura being killed in combat. Supporting the list is a suite of Post-Human Proxies and ALEPH Rebots. Notable is the list features multiple anti-camo options, with every single trooper having options to deal with camouflage troops.


Vohlere’s second list feature is much more aggressive, using his beloved Marut TAG, supported again by a Shukra, Post-Humans, Rebots and a lethal surprise in the form of a Boarding Shotgun Garuda.


2nd Place – REND (Japanese Secessionist Army).

REND’s first list I really like, using a nice aggressive Lieutenant in Oyama, a heavy Daiyokai troop with Red Fury, and a strong infiltrating game with Saito Togan supported by two Ryuken-9 Units both of which are minelayers!


REND’s second list is equally aggressive (as is proper for JSA!) with an O-Yoroi TAG Lieutenant and 4 Japanese Motorcycle units - 3 Aragoto and the Kuroshi Rider. Taking the vanguard is an Oniwaban, whilst the army has some anti-camo support with the Lu Duan’s MSV1 & Heavy Flamethrower.


3rd Place – Daii (Tohaa).

Daii just brought a single list to the event and played it very well. His list features some great Tohaa All-Star units, such as Neema Lieutenant, a Gao-Rael Sniper, Sukeul Missile Launcher, Kosuil K1 Engineer, Makaul Troops & a Kaeltar for some flexible triad options. These triads are supported by a Nikoul Ambush Unit, an Igao Infiltrator and the fearsome Rasail Boarding Team.

TO's Thoughts.

Another successful event in which I hope all of our players had a great time, one thing I did appreciate was just how Limited Insertion really changes the way people approach playing Infinity and their list compositions. A 10 order combat group is a very limiting aspect in the games current meta, and a really nice shake-up. It does impact some armies more than others, forcing players to adapt and change to the game which is something I feel that Infinity really encourages and rewards.

With this combined and how tight tournament scoring is in a 3 round event, players have everything to play for in each game, with mistakes being extra punishing and rewarding intelligent, well thought out play. For me it feels very much like old-school Infinity in a good way, but while the restrictions are something I wouldn’t want to impose in every event they do make for a nice change.

Onto our next event!