Blackout Review

Hi AOS fans,

Just a quick look over the AOS event Blackout 2018 that was held at the SWGC a few weeks ago.  We had a great turnout for the event and a big thank you to the T/O and all of the players who took part for helping make it an enjoyable and friendly event to work.  There were some extremely well painted armies on display for the painting competition.  Unfortunately we were unable to get photos of the armies ourselves however there is a comprehensive review of the event availible at .

We received some good feedback throughout the event and are working on updating and expanding our range of AOS terrain ready for our next AOS event, Firestorm Fours.  So if you'd like to represent your grand alliance in a team event and test out our new scenery yourselves have a look at  the Firestorm fours AOS event page for more details on the event.