The South Wales Gaming Centre

Changes to the weekly Friday Night Magic Structure

April 2018 - Jaspa Stritt

As of Friday 4th May, the structure of Friday Night Magic will be changing back to the old schedule in The South Wales Gaming Centre.


The Changes...

Every Friday:

  • Modern: 5:00pm (3x 40-minute rounds)
  • Standard: 7:00pm

 In addition to this…

 First Friday of Every Month:

  • Legacy: 7:00pm

Last Friday of Every Month:

  • Pauper: 7:00pm


In February, we decided to trial a new schedule to FNM with the intention of allowing our players to play more of the formats they enjoyed. In particular, the new schedule was designed to allow our large modern player base to be able to consistently play 4x 50 minute rounds.

Unfortunately, due to the fact that we had Legacy and Pauper events which were being run once a month each also at 7:00pm, this resulted in Modern often not getting enough players to fire.

For these reasons, we are reverting back to our old schedule of 5/7pm for FNM. We will however, be keeping our monthly pauper event and continue to run this at 7pm on the last Friday of every month! There are no price changes with this schedule update.