The South Wales Gaming Centre

Upcoming Price Changes at The Battlefields

January 2023 - Gareth Bunn

Due to rising costs, the price for all Tickets at The South Wales Gaming Centre will be increasing from Monday the 30th of January.

Some of the more significant changes are highlighted below:

  • Discounted tickets will be available if purchased online in advance. Both prices will be shown on the
  • Tickets for casual and competitive card game Organized play will be available in advance online up until 15 minutes before the start time of the event.
  • For Wargaming - Casual and Organized Play tickets will now be available in advance until 5pm instead of the previous 4pm cut off on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and until 1pm on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • Card Game tickets for walk in play  will now be £4 per person for entry and will no longer include any product as part of the ticket.