Weekly Event Summary

Event summary w/c Monday 3rd February

February 2020 - Andy Walpole

Week beginning Monday 3rd February in The South Wales Gaming Centre we have the following events:
Note: Casual Play is limited in The Battlefields and in The Arena this weekend.
- KeyForge Tuesday OP on Tuesday from 6.30pm.
- Pokemon TCG League Challenge on Tuesday from 6pm.
- MtG Draft on Tuesday at 7pm.
- Dragon Ball Super CG OP on Tuesday from 7pm.
- MtG Thursday Night Modern on Thursday at 6.30pm.
- CardFight Vanguard Standard OP on Thursday from 6.30pm.
- D&D Adventurers League on Thursday from 6pm.
- D&D Adventurers League on Thursday from 6.30pm.
- Final Fantasy TCG OP on Thursday at 7pm.
- Kindling (Teenagers) Gaming Club on Friday from 5pm.
- MtG Friday Night Magic on Friday at 6.30pm.
- Godendag 2020 on Saturday and Sunday from 9am.
- Sword & Shield Win-a-Box on Saturday from 10am.
- Pokemon TCG Trainer Day on Saturday from 11am.
- YuGiOh Saturday Organised Play on Saturday from Noon.
- Dragon Ball Super Universal Onslaught Pre-release on Saturday from 1pm.
Tickets and details from www.thebattlefields.co.uk
The Cafe will be open on Saturday and Sunday.