The South Wales Gaming Centre

Changes to the weekly Friday Night Magic Structure

February 2018 - Jaspa Stritt

As of Friday 16th February, the structure of Friday Night Magic will be changing in The South Wales Gaming Centre.

It’s important to mention that these changes will be initially run as a trial and we will be collecting data to see how these changes affect attendance/growth. As part of this, we are interested to hear any feedback about the changes. If you wish to comment please do so here.  

MtG Dominaria Image

The Changes...

Every Friday:

  • Standard: 6:30pm
  • Modern: 6:30pm

 In addition to this…

 First Friday of Every Month:

  • Legacy: 6:30pm

Last Friday of Every Month:

  • Pauper: 6:30pm

The price for Friday Night magic will also be going up to £3 (1 booster option) and £5.50 (2 booster option) effective from the same date. Note that Tuesday Drafts will remain unchanged (Every Tuesday, 7pm).


First of all, I’d like to talk about why we will be starting Modern and Standard at the same time and why the start time is changing. Modern has proven to be an incredibly popular format at Firestorm Games despite the limitation of only being able to run 3x 40 minute rounds and the start time of 5pm preventing many of our players from being able to play.

The later start time will open the format up to more players, and by starting it alongside standard at its earlier time of 6:30, we will be able to consistently run 4 full length rounds for all formats. We believe that the impact of these changes on standard attendance will be minimal due to the small crossover in player bases.

The other big change to the schedule is the introduction of a regular pauper event at Firestorm Games which will complement the extremely popular regular Legacy event we run.

Since we hinted at the introduction of the pauper format at the beginning of January, players have been building and playing the format in store. The hope is that this format will be a great gateway for newer players who want to get into more competitive and immersive decks at a low cost.