X-Wing Doubles Cup

Ref: X-Wing Doubles Cup Cardiff

X-Wing  Doubles Cup
Event DateSaturday 12th Oct 2019
Event Time9:15 AM
Event Duration1 day
Players per Ticket2


18 of 24 tickets left

Ticket prices will increase to £30 per ticket from the 1st of August.

When purchasing tickets please enter your Team name and the names of the players in your Team.

Each team of two players chooses a faction, then they build one 400-point squadron between them. This squadron is then divided into two 200-point squadrons. Squadron lists and obstacle choices are required for this event.

Teams are then paired off against each other as a swiss tournament. When playing a game, the team which has the highest overall Squad Points decides which of their players faces which player on the opposing team. Normal "first player" rules apply after that, so the players in each game with the lowest Squad Points have the choice to decide first player for that game.

Then, two simultaneous games are played side by side within the same 75-minute time frame. Each game is localised to a 3x3 feet board as normal. Scores are added up at the end as normal, however it is the team which has scored the most points over both games that wins the match overall.

Upgrades and abilities only affect the game which they are playing in, so for example: Leia crew in a rebel list will only affect the match she is involved in, not all rebel ships for both team members.


Extended doubles tournament. Players will be in Teams of 2, each Team creates a 400 point list from one faction as per normal list building rules (no duplicating unique’s etc). Teams should bring a squad list of this 400 point squad with them on the day.
Each Team then divides the 400 point squad into a 200 point squad for each player in the team, players should also bring a squad list for this on the day along with the obstacle choices. Squads cannot be altered in any way during the event.
During the event Teams will be paired against each other as per normal tournament regulations. When the Teams are paired the Team which has spent the most points on their squads gets to pick the player to player match up with the other Team, the individual players with the lowest points used can choose 1st player as normal. 
When playing, the players in each team play their own game completely separate to their team mate.  No upgrades or other game effects can affect the game of their team mates. 
At the end of a round when both players in the team have completed their matches, the MoV scores from the 2 games are added together to give the overall score and indicate which team won the pairing.
The event will be 4 rounds of Swiss followed by a top 4 Team cut. A 1 hour lunch break will be after round 3. If the tournament increases in size an extra round of swiss may be needed.

Registration starts at 9.15am with round 1 starting at 9.45am.

tabletop.to will be used to run the event. https://tabletop.to/events Search Cardiff to find the event. If you register with tabletop.to you can also register your team for the event.  If at least 1 person from each team has access to the internet on the day it would greatly speed up the pairings and finding tables process as players will be able to see the listings and scores as they are updated by the event admin.

There will be a range of prizes for participation, top teams and biggest loser teams.

Refunds will be subject to a £5 administration fee. Any request for a refund two weeks or less before the event will only be possible if there is a reserve list of players who can take up any refunded ticket.

Our on site Cafe facility will be open on Saturday for the sale of a variety of hot food between 11.00 and 15.00.

For larger events our on site Cafe facility will be open on Sunday and will also sell sausage and bacon rolls until 10.30 am.

A vending machine selling soft drinks and snacks, a licensed bar and a vending machine dispensing fresh tea and coffee is available in The South Wales Gaming Centre.

We ask that you don’t bring your own food or drink into The South Wales Gaming Centre. Strictly no external food or drink is allowed in The South Wales Gaming Centre.

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