Mini-Review: TTCombat’s Tabletop Scenics – Adnet Apartments

Hi Everyone!

Today I am going to share with you a small review of TTCombat’s Tabletop Scenic range, specifically the Adnet Apartment Building.

This building is designed for 10mm scale miniature wargames such as Dropzone Commander and retails at £6.95, which is a great price for making a gaming table affordable for the everyday gamer. The materials of the building are 3mm MDF and 1mm greyboard, I recommend using PVA or wood glue for assembling these types of buildings.

The first step was to simply separate everything from the sprue and clean up the edges. Credit here to TTCombat, the building pieces are very well cut and practically fell out of the sprue. I only had to use a finger to poke each piece out and sand the connection points smooth. The most time-consuming bit was poking out each individual window!

After that, I did some quick dry fitting to see how it lined up. The building kit fits quite tight together and is a very easy assembly. Each wall interlocks with a criss-cross section to help with stability, while the top of each wall simply slots into some guideline ports on the underside of the roof.

Time for a cup of tea break whilst the glue sets. I recommend using elastic bands to keep the building taut and tightly fit.

Once this has dried, you only need to place the top slats onto the roof, the inner supports (shaped like a V that attach onto the inside of each corner) and slot in the thin greyboard along the guidelines marked on the sides of the building. No instructions are needed for this kit, it really is very simple to build! My only criticism at this stage is that the greyboard itself is very thin and can bend over time, so take care when storing these buildings to ensure they don’t snap off. It’s worth mentioning here too that the building has no actual floor if this is an issue for some, but I had no problems with this.

Voilà! A finished building. As mentioned earlier, I’ll be using this for Dropzone Commander specifically, the size is perfect for the game as a medium sized building, it has a great footprint on the table and looks great. There is plenty of space on the roof for stacking in those infantry squads for some gruesome close quarter battle.

You’ll probably want a few of these for a 10mm scale game and it’s great that they go together as quickly and easily as they do, with this entire building taking me less than half an hour to assemble from start to finish. With such a low price, it won’t kill your bank account to do so. I think TTCombat have done very well here, and I recommend their ranges for gamers really wanting some scenery at an affordable price. The little cost not mentioned is these buildings will require painting, for most this won’t be an issue, but it is worth considering for those who do not want to invest time into painting their terrain pieces. I recommend the Adnet Apartments & Tabletop Scenics range by TTCombat, they are all relatively simple to build and a great value for money.

Catch you soon!