YuGiOh Saturday Organised Play

Ref: YuGiOh Organised Play in The South Wales Gaming Centre

YuGiOh Saturday Organised Play
Event DateSaturday 1st Jun 2024
Event Start1:00 PM
Event Duration5 Hours
Players per Ticket1

Online: £6.50
In-Store: £7.50

24 of 24 tickets left

YuGiOh every Saturday in a fun friendly environment, test your skill as a Duellist against other local players!

Registration is from 12.30,  round one begins at 13:15 prompt, players will receive a game loss if late.

Three to five 40 minute rounds.


To ensure a better gaming experience please download the Neuron App BEFORE arrival at the venue.



Tickets must be purchased before the start of Registration.

Players must register on the Neuron app to be eligible for event entry rewards.



For the comfort and safety of all our patrons and staff the following protocols will be in place until further notice: 

  • There is no longer a legal requirement for you to wear a face covering in The South Wales Gaming Centre, however  please feel free to do so if you want to.
  • Please follow ALL instructions from staff when in the venue.
  • We encourage you to wash your hands regularly and use the hand sanitiser provided around the venue.
  • Please do not visit the venue if you are feeling unwell or have a temperature.


Unless you are playing a casual card game (see below) you  MUST always purchase a relevant ticket, online, BEFORE entering the venue. Tickets can be found at www.thebattlefields.co.uk.

Also please note no external food or drink is allowed in the venue.

Battlefields Wargame Ticket:

A Battlefields ticket will allow you to use our tables and/or terrain in the venue and will offer two choices:

  • Entry with a current yearly or quarterly Battlefields Membership (free)
  • Day Membership (£4)

Players with a valid yearly or quarterly Battlefields membership MUST still register by ‘purchasing’ a ticket before arrival at the venue. If you consistently book a place with Battlefields membership and do not turn up your membership will be cancelled.

Please tell us what game you are playing when you purchase your ticket so that we can prepare your table in advance. If changes are required to any scenery on a table these must be discussed with a member of staff.

Players MUST sign in using their four digit Battlefields PIN code on arrival at the venue.

For games such as Star Wars: X-Wing, Bloodbowl, and any GW boxed game such as Kill Team, Underworlds or Warcry; players require a Battlefields Wargame ticket and you will be allocated a suitable table on arrival.

Organised Play Ticket:

Organised Play is where participants can ensure they play their chosen game at a regular time and place, often receiving promotional material or relevant merchandise for participation and/or how well they do in the event.

Specific Organised Play tickets are available from www.thebattlefields.co.uk.

Casual Card Game Ticket:

Players wishing to play casual card games rather than take part in an organised event may do so by purchasing a Casual Card Game ticket at the venue. This is the only ticket that does not require to be purchased on-line!

A Casual Card Game ticket cost £4 and is only available if we have sufficient space. Subject to availability players will receive an appropriate booster pack for the card game they are playing.

The Arena RPG/Board Game Ticket:

Players wishing to play board games or roleplaying games in the venue must purchase an Arena RPG/Board Game Ticket.

Tables are limited to a maximum of 6 players per table.

Arena RPG/Board Game Tickets are available from www.thebattlefields.co.uk.

Tickets for this event are non-refundable.

Subject to availability each participant chooses either an OTS Pack OR a booster pack from the latest available set for entering the tournament.

Whichever booster pack is not chosen by the player is put into the prize pool.

  • Players finishing in the Top Half will each receive one additional booster pack from the prize pool.
  • Any remaining packs will be distributed on a sliding scale from 1st to 4th for a <= 32 Player event, 1st to 3rd for a <=16 player event and  between 1st and 2nd for a <=8 player event.

Our on site Cafe facility will be open for the sale of a variety of hot food.

A vending machine selling soft drinks and snacks, a licensed bar and a vending machine dispensing fresh tea and coffee is available in The South Wales Gaming Centre.

No external food or drink is allowed in The South Wales Gaming Centre.

Firestorm Games

This event is brought to you by our experienced Firestorm Games event staff.