Fallout Wasteland Warfare Casual Play

Ref: Fallout Wasteland Warfare in The South Wales Gaming Centre

Fallout Wasteland Warfare Casual Play
Event DateFriday 31st May 2024
Event Start6:00 PM
Event Duration4 Hours
Players per Ticket1

Online: £5.00
In-Store: £6.00

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Battlefields Entry:

Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Casual Play in a fun friendly environment.

Want to learn to play this amazing skirmish game? Already Play? Join in with these Casual Play sessions in The Battlefields.
Models, rules, dice, mats and terrain will all be provided. Bring your own if you want.
All we need is you!
  • Will you be the saviour or scourge of the wasteland?
  • Will you go it alone (maybe with your K9 sidekick) or build a team of fellow wastelanders to tackle the harshness of the radiated world?
Survivor, raider, super mutant, synth or anywhere in between...you decide. Want to tame the local wildlife and become friends with a deathclaw, then your opportunity has never been closer. Fancy yourself as a budding mechanist, to gain some robot companions, well now you can.
Choose your faction, choose your story, equip what you scavenge, sell what you don't want to keep, build your homestead or pillage someone else's
The wasteland is calling you, though it may be the heavy doses of jet you've consumed, so come join in. Roll some critical hits, and down some nuka cola all in the fallout world and remember "War.......war never changes"

Tickets for this event are non-refundable.

Our on site Cafe facility will be open for the sale of a variety of hot food.

A vending machine selling soft drinks and snacks, a licensed bar and a vending machine dispensing fresh tea and coffee is available in The South Wales Gaming Centre.

No external food or drink is allowed in The South Wales Gaming Centre.

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