D&D and Adventurers League Tuesday Organised Play

Ref: D&D Organised Play in The South Wales Gaming Centre

D&D and Adventurers League Tuesday Organised Play
Event DateTuesday 7th May 2024
Event Start5:45 PM
Event Duration3 Hours
Players per Ticket1

Online: £3.00
In-Store: £4.00

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Dungeons & Dragons Adventurers League every other Tuesday in a fun friendly environment!

Registration is from 18.00,  Adventuring begins at 18:30 prompt.

Tickets must be purchased before the start of Registration.

For ages 16+

Any adventurers younger than this should look at the kindling club that runs every Friday during term time for ages 11 - 16.  Details can be found here


We are currently running adventures aimed at character levels 1-5

All characters should be Adventurers League legal and start at lvl1(character created using array or point buy, using the Players handbook and up to 1 other Sourcebook).  If you are unsure if the character you have created is AL Legal, there will be a staff member available from 17:00 to assist with character creation or check the legality of characters if required.  

Each group will consist of up to 5 players and a DM.

Any questions regarding the event email swgc.events@gmail.com  


Tickets for this event are non-refundable.

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