Danger Close 2! Dropzone Commander Tournament

Ref: Dropzone Commander in The South Wales Gaming Centre

Danger Close 2! Dropzone Commander Tournament
Event DateSaturday 29th Jun 2024
Event Start9:00 AM
Event Duration1 Day
Players per Ticket1

Online: £25.00
In-Store: £26.00

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Danger Close 2!

A Dropzone Commander Tournament


Bottom of the Barrel Battle Reports presents Danger Close 2 - a Dropzone Commander tournament!
This will be a three game 1,750pt event, with players being assigned to random tables every round, each of which will have a bespoke mission and terrain set up. Some will be relatively standard missions, others will be deliberately obscure, edited or outright homebrew ones, designed to shake up the standard "three objectives in a city" format and give you some really interesting, memorable battles. Prepare for monorails, megafauna, tactical nukes, orbital defence lasers and more! 
The ticket price includes a hot lunch from a set menu with a vegetarian option. Please email bottomofthebarrelbatreps@gmail.com if you have any dietary requirements.
Awards will be available for First Place, Best Army and Best Sport, with more awards added if we sell enough tickets. We're also running the event in tandem with Weapons Free 3, a Dropfleet event happening on the same day, and players of each event will be invited to vote on both their favourite army and favourite fleet. 
The full event pack can be found here, and the mission pack will be emailed out after list submission closes. We hope to see you there!


Refunds will be subject to a £2.50 administration fee. Any request for a refund one week or less before the event will only be possible if there is a reserve list of players who can take up any refunded ticket.

Your choice of hot lunch will be provided by our on site Cafe facility.

Vouchers for lunch will be issued during registration.

For larger events our on site Cafe facility will be selling sausage and bacon rolls until 10.30 am.

We ask that you don’t bring your own food or drink into The South Wales Gaming Centre.