The current YuGiOh Meta post UK Nationals

In the Meta

Trickstar Sky Striker

Trickstar work primarily on winning by using effect damage to lower the opponent’s life points, but also have a secondary tactic of controlling the opponent. Trickstar Light Stage stops your opponent’s activating a set spell and trap card before forcing them to use it during the End Phase or it will be destroyed! Trickstar Reincarnation can banish your opponent’s entire hand, forcing them to draw a new hand, combined with Droll and Lock Bird (which stops your opponent adding cards to hand outside of their draw phase) your opponent starts their next turn with a huge disadvantage! All the Trickstar cards are in Code of the Duelist. Trickstar are all Light Fairy type monsters, meaning that they can utilise old cards like Honest and other Fairy support.

Thanks to the ‘Sky Striker’ engine in ‘Dark Saviors,’ the deck has evolved and is now considered the strongest deck in the meta due to its consistency, the ability to use a large number of ‘hand traps’ (monsters that can activate their effects in the players hand to interrupt their opponents plays).

True Draco

Following the release of Inspector Boarder in ‘Extreme Force’ some competitive players are looking back at ‘Maximum Crisis’ and the very popular True Draco deck, the deck focuses on tributing continuous spells and traps to summon large monsters to control and wear down their opponents. In the recent Forbidden and Limited List, their strongest monster was Forbidden however, some of their limited cards returned which helps with the decks consistency which keeps it popular.

Gouki Knightmare

Gouki have been a popular deck for players who have watched the anime and enjoyed the card design, the deck summons multiple warrior monsters to make powerful link monsters. With the ‘Knightmare’ cards in ‘Flames of Destruction,’ the deck can now make much stronger and larger boards which can be difficult for their opponents to overcome.

Upcoming Releases

Battles of Legend: Relentless Revenge


28. Jun

5-card booster; Foil cards only

Starter Deck: Codebreaker


12. Jul

45-card deck

Cybernetic Horizon Sneak Peek Kit


21. July

OP Material with 1 Game Mat + 8 player packages (1 promo card & 5 Boosters each)
[not for sale]

Cybernetic Horizon


26. Jul


Structure Deck Powercode Link


9. Aug

Preconstructed 43-card deck

Shadows in Valhalla


16. Aug

5-card booster; Foil cards only

2018 Mega-Tins


30. Aug

Tin (2 designs - 3 Mega-Pack Boosters + variant cards)

Cybernetic Horizon Special Edition


13. Sep

Special Edition Pack (Three 9-card boosters + 2 additional cards)

Kaiba Corporation Card Sleeves


27. Sep

Single card sleeves (Pack of 50)

Kaiba Corporation Deck Box


27. Sep

Plastic Deck Box for YGO cards

Legendary Duelists: White Dragon Abyss


27. Sep

5-card Booster (mixed rarities)

Legendary Hero Decks


4. Oct

Box with three 50-card decks 

Advent Calendar


25. Oct

Box with 24 foil cards in individual tabs
[EN & DE only]