The current YuGiOh Meta post London MCM

Current Meta in YuGiOh after MCM London 2017


With the release of ‘Circuit Break’ Spyral became the go to deck and at the two YCS events since then the deck has been unquestionably the strongest. At YCS Dallas it claimed 29/32 spots in the top 32 and at London it took 27/32. In the recent Forbidden and Limited List update, two Spyral cards were limited. Whilst this has gone a long way to balance the decks strength and has been met with great feedback from players and is still very much in the meta. The deck focuses on summoning multiple monsters and utilising the link mechanic thanks to ‘SPYRAL Double Helix.’


Trickstar work primarily on winning by using effect damage to lower the opponents life points, but also have a secondary tactic of controlling the opponent. Trickstar Light Stage stops your opponent’s activating a set spell and trap card before forcing them to use it during the End Phase or it will be destroyed! Trickstar Reincarnation can banish your opponent’s entire hand, forcing them to draw a new hand, combined with Droll and Lock Bird (which stops your opponent adding cards to hand outside of their draw phase) your opponent starts their next turn with a huge disadvantage! All the Trickstar cards are in Code of the Duelist. Trickstar are all Light Fairy type monsters, meaning that they can utilise old cards like Honest and other Fairy support.

Burning Abyss

At YCS London, Burning Abyss took a surprise spot in the top 32. Burning Abyss uses graveyard effects and xyz summoning to create large fields, the reason less people played the deck was due to the addition of the Link Mechanic. Since its top however, the decks popularity has been on the increase.

Pendulum Magicians

Link Summoning saw significant changes in how people played pendulums. Thanks to ‘Code of The Duelist’ the deck can not only pendulum summon but XYZ, Synchro and even Fusion summon. The main card helping the deck along is ‘Time Pendulumgraph’ players are also happy that most of the main deck is available in the ‘Pendulum Evolution’ Booster pack. “Ghost Ash & Joyous Spring” continues strongly as a staple in decks especially in Pendulum Magician.

Magical Musketeers

Magical Musketeers is a new archetype available in the upcoming ‘Spirit Warriors’ set. They have the unique feature that when a spell/trap card is activated in a column that they each activate different effects. This adds to a deeper strategy when playing against them also.