YuGiOh WCQ Season 2019 Regional Swindon

Ref: YuGiOh WCQ Regional in Firestorm Games Swindon

YuGiOh WCQ Season 2019 Regional Swindon
Event DateSaturday 20th Apr 2019
Event Time10:00 AM
Event Duration1 Day
Players per Ticket1


Sorry, there are no tickets left for this Event.

Tickets will be £16 on the day so please pre-order your tickets on-line.

WCQ: Regionals are Tier 2 tournaments where the top players will earn an invitation to the WCQ: European Championship, the more players who enter, the more invitations up for grabs!

The Top 8 players will receive unique Playmats, the Top 4 will also receive Deck Box's and all players will receive booster packs just for entering. The winner will receive a booster box and extra boosters will be added to the prize pool based on the number of players participating.

Participants in WCQ: Regionals are held to the highest standards of sportsmanship and are expected to be fully prepared for the event which includes bringing a properly completed Deck List.

A blank official Deck List form can be found here.

Round one will begin at 11.30 am. 

Refunds will be subject to a £2.50 administration fee. Any request for a refund one week or less before the event will only be possible if there is a reserve list of players who can take up any refunded ticket.

Top 8 receive a WCQ Regional Game Mat

Top 4 receive a WCQ Regional TCG Deck Box

The top players after the Swiss tournament is complete will receive an invite to the relevant WCQ tournament. The number of invites depends on the number of players in the tournament.

Four booster packs per player for entering. Additional booster packs will be added to the prize pool based on attendance.

Snacks and drinks are not available for sale in store.

There are several different food outlets and a supermarket located close to Firestorm Games Swindon.

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