War of the Spark - Pre-release Draft

War of the Spark - Pre-release Draft
Event DateFriday 26th Apr 2019
Event Time7:00 PM
Event Duration4 hours
Players per Ticket1


19 of 24 tickets left

Welcome to our Pre-release Draft event for War of the Spark. Scheduled to take place before our Midnight Pre-release.

We will place 1 booster into the prize pool per person. This pool will be awarded to players on a positive record.


Refunds will be subject to a £2.50 administration fee. Any request for a refund one week or less before the event will only be possible if there is a reserve list of players who can take up any refunded ticket.

Jaspa Stritt

Magic: the Gathering Level 2 Judge & Firestorm Games Magic the Gathering Coordinator.